Restart Host cmd script

After deploying BizTalk solutions it is best to recycle the host instances. Normally these are recycled serial. This script will recycle them in parallel by executing them in separate cmd’s.

start net stop btssvc$biztalkserverapplication 
start net stop BTSSvc$BizTalkServerApplicationBulk 
start net stop BTSSvc$BizTalkServerMSMQ 
start net stop BTSSvc$BiztalkServerReceive
start net stop BTSSvc$BizTalkServerReceiveBulk 
start net stop BTSSvc$BizTalkServerReceiveSingleServer
start net stop BTSSvc$BizTalkServerSend
start net stop BTSSvc$BizTalkServerSend32
start net stop BTSSvc$BizTalkServerSendBulk
start net stop BTSSvc$BizTalkServerSendSingleServer
start net stop BTSSvc$BizTalkServerTracking 

timeout /t 10

start net start btssvc$biztalkserverapplication 
start net start BTSSvc$BizTalkServerApplicationBulk 
start net start BTSSvc$BizTalkServerMSMQ 
start net start BTSSvc$BiztalkServerReceive
start net start BTSSvc$BizTalkServerReceiveBulk 
start net start BTSSvc$BizTalkServerReceiveSingleServer
start net start BTSSvc$BizTalkServerSend
start net start BTSSvc$BizTalkServerSend32
start net start BTSSvc$BizTalkServerSendBulk
start net start BTSSvc$BizTalkServerSendSingleServer
start net start BTSSvc$BizTalkServerTracking

Check the naming of the services en restart!

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