How to recursively delete files but keep the directory structure through the Windows command prompt?

Note to myself:
forfiles /p D:Archive /s /c “cmd /c IF @isDir EQU FALSE (del /Q /F @file)”

forfiles parameters:
/p -> Path in which the forfiles command will search for files.
/s -> Orders the forfiles command to execute recursively in all subdirectories.
/c -> Command to execute for each file found by forfiles. The command must be in quotes and start with cmd /c.

Or in powershell:
Get-ChildItem -Path d:test -Recurse -Force | Where-Object { -not ($_.psiscontainer) } | Remove-Item –Force

Got this from here. Thanks Francois.

View all database sizes with 1 query

DB_NAME(db.database_id) DatabaseName,
(CAST(mfrows.RowSize AS FLOAT)*8)/1024 RowSizeMB,
(CAST(mflog.LogSize AS FLOAT)*8)/1024 LogSizeMB,
(CAST(mfstream.StreamSize AS FLOAT)*8)/1024 StreamSizeMB,
(CAST(mftext.TextIndexSize AS FLOAT)*8)/1024 TextIndexSizeMB
FROM sys.databases db
LEFT JOIN (SELECT database_id, SUM(size) RowSize FROM sys.master_files WHERE type = 0 GROUP BY database_id, type) mfrows ON mfrows.database_id = db.database_id
LEFT JOIN (SELECT database_id, SUM(size) LogSize FROM sys.master_files WHERE type = 1 GROUP BY database_id, type) mflog ON mflog.database_id = db.database_id
LEFT JOIN (SELECT database_id, SUM(size) StreamSize FROM sys.master_files WHERE type = 2 GROUP BY database_id, type) mfstream ON mfstream.database_id = db.database_id
LEFT JOIN (SELECT database_id, SUM(size) TextIndexSize FROM sys.master_files WHERE type = 4 GROUP BY database_id, type) mftext ON mftext.database_id = db.database_id